Tuesday, February 5, 2008

and....I'm back!!

Although Jonah is still home today with a slight fever, I think everyone in the Miller household is feeling better! Thank the Lord, Lynn hasn't been sick yet...good thing, someone has to make some money around here!

I need to tie up some loose ends, and answer a challenge or two! Here goes!

In response to the tag from Bebe at Peaches`and`Dreams, here's

7 weird things about me:

1. I hate mustard. I don't like it on hamburgers, hot dogs or anything else. I can eat it on a burger or dog if there is something to go with it...a little mayo or ketchup preferably! Yes, I eat mayo on my hot dogs. I told you it was weird!

2. I love to shop alone! I'm all for a big girls' shopping trip with buddies, including my mom, but when it comes to serious shopping-I like to do it by myself!
I shop a lot-but I buy very little! I can spend a whole day just looking, with just enough money in my pocket for a white chocolate mocha and be perfectly happy! Funny thing-when I actually have money to buy things, I never find anything I like. When I'm just browsing...I like everything I find. Go figure!

3. Bad grammer and bad spelling drive me crazy. I like things to be right, and don't mind correcting you when it's not. You feel free to correct me, too!

4. I like to have a clean orderly house...but I hate to clean house. Sigh.

5. I leave my Christmas garlands on my front porch and mail box until February 15. I like the wintery look of it...and it's got snowflakes in it! However, everything has to come down by the middle of February-when I'm ready for spring!

6. I love fall best, spring next, then winter..but I detest summer. I hate to be hot. I love all the summer activities-swimming, water skiing, grilling out, eating on the porch, etc..but I hate to be hot and I hate flies and mosquitos!
7. I learned to water ski when I was 5 years old! I learned to ski on one ski when I was 7! The last time I tried to water ski, I couldn't even get out of the water.

Bonus weird thing-I don't know how to spell the word for "skiing on one ski" and couldn't even get close enough to it for the spell check to figure it out. Oh, well, you know what I mean!

If you are reading this and want to participate-consider yourself tagged!!

In other news...
My good friend Ginger over at Magical Holiday Home has issued a challenge for anyone who wants to participate to write something every day. I need this challenge! Thanks Ginger. By the way...if you haven't seen her site and you like any holiday at all, you should hop over! It's great!

I'm going over to Dinner at the Hamlet to post something there...I have a great recipe you should try for Valentine's Day dessert!

Until next time-


Ginger said...

Welcome Back!!!

You can't be serious...you like a clean house but don't like to clean...LOL...me too!!!!

Becki said...

Glad everyone is on the mend at your house. We missed you Sunday at April's shower. Thanks to your blog, I knew that you had sick ones before Gail did!

Ginger said...

Okay...I'll help you out by being tagged!!! LOL...the other bloggers are gonna kill me!