Saturday, February 23, 2008

TCB and catching up...again!

I can't believe that it's been almost a week since I promised to show you the cabinet tops! I can't get that stupid camera to work again..I'm thinking the rechargable batteries have been charged about as much as they are going to go! I'll try to remember to pick some up this week and get those pictures posted.

I've been BUSY lately with jewelry shows, momma stuff and the ever present laundry pile. I'm not even going to promise when I'll post again. I never seem to get to it when I say I will, so from now on I'll just say "next time".

We attended our friend Eddie's 50th birthday party today. Melissa, his lovely bride of 18 (almost) years held the party at their church fellowship hall. It was very nice, with a good sized crowd in attendance. Melissa had a slideshow of old pictures going, with Rod Stewart's "Forever Young" playing in the background. Very cool! Happy Birthday, Eddie!

A while back Jonah created a poster to celebrate the 100th day of school. We used all the big chunky beads in my bead box, and here's the result:

Cute, huh?

Benjie and Jonah are going to be playing baseball this spring. My friend Donna has signed up her son, Cody-Jonah's best friend-as well, and Donna has agreed to coach. She's a brave woman! I've explained that B and J don't know squat about baseball, and she assures me that's ok. This is going to be fun! I love baseball and as very happy they are playing!

It's been cold and rainy for three days, and although I never say this, I'm ready for winter to be over. Enough is enough. If we had some snow or some firewood to make a fire I wouldn't mind so much. Lynn did scrounge up enough wood for a fire tonight, but that is absolutely the last of it. I have been cold all day-very not like me! I'm usually hot all the time!

I want to work on the flowerbeds this spring...I have some ideas I want to incorporate. I want to get the back yard landscaped and the porch finally decorated like I want it this year..hopefully we'll be screening it in soon. When we do that, we'll convert a window in our bedroom into a door, leading to the back porch. We love that porch, and I think we'd get so much more use out of it if we made the door. Let's see if we get it done this year! I wanted to do it last year before the Boo!Bash, but it didn't get done. Maybe this year, at least before Boo!Bash2!

Until next time!


Ginger said...

Cute 100 day poster!!!!

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