Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valentine's treats

Looking for a cute little goodie to send to the kids' classmates, neighbors or a Sunday School group? Here's an idea that we've used at Christmas and at Valentine's Day.

Just take a small zipper bag or even one of those little cellophane bags they sell in the party supply department of Wal-Mart or the dollar stores, then fill it with this:
*a packet of hot chocolate mix
*a small packet of mini marshmallows (you can buy these individually packaged-they are usually with the other bulk boxes of individiually packaged snacks-or, you could make your own packets using snack size zipper bags)
*individual packets of teddy grahams (same as above)
*an individually sized Hershey's bar
*an inexpensive pair of those "magic gloves"-you know, the ones they sell normally for $1.50 for two pair but right now have two pair for 75 cents or so...try to stock up for next year, as well
*a candy cane for stirring the hot chocolate

Put this all together, tie it all up with a pretty ribbon, and viola! a cold weather survival kit for pennies!!

If that is more than you want to do, for Christmas favors for the boys' classmates we just took a hot chocolate packet and taped a small candy cane to it, then put it in a zipper bag, used a hole punch to make two holes and tied a piece of ribbon through it. Very cute!

Valentine's Day has barely been mentioned around here...I haven't bought anything yet. I'm thinking a movie for the group, their favorite meals and a card, along with a small box of candy.

With Easter coming close on VDay's heels this year, it might get downplayed a bit more than usual. We'll's still 4 whole days away!


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