Friday, February 8, 2008

Finally Friday!

Here we are again...Friday! Yay!

As we watch the tv news every morning, I become more and more thankful that God spared my town and family from what so many people north of us, where the tornados ripped through, are experiencing. The amount of destruction and devastation is unreal. I can't imagine what in the world it would be like to have everything you own and hold dear taken from you in a matter of seconds. My thoughts and prayers are continually with those folks.

Today is lunch with the hubs and grocery shopping day! Love the lunch, not so much the grocery shopping. We always eat at one of two resturants, depending on where he's working, but it's always Mexican! I look forward to it all week!!

Valentine's Day is looming, and I haven't even decorated my Valentine tree! I plan to get that done today or tonight or tomorrow...just in time to take it down and decorate for Easter! Oh, well, the kids love it!

I haven't made any other plans for Vday, either. I need to get that done today so I don't have to worry about it next week. I don't do a whole lot for the boys, just a little token gift, some candy and a card. Lynn and I may go out to eat next weekend, but who knows what next weekend will bring!

Boy, this is a boring post today! I'm planning on getting some things done in the kitchen and on top of the cabinets today, so hopefully I'll have pictures to post tomorrow! And, pictures of the Vday tree!!

See ya!

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Ginger said...

Yes life is upside down right now...last night in Kirkwood (about 40 minutes from me) a gunman killed five people in a City Council Meeting before police shot him. Two police officers and three city officials. The Mayor is in critical condition and one other was shot but it was a minor wound.