Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rainy Saturdays always make me smile....

I know I'm very weird, but I just love rainy days, especially rainy Saturdays. We had the family breakfast here today, but we were a very small group-Lynn's sisters and his nieces, my mom and of 11 folks! It was extremely laid back and casual. I did the lodge centerpiece and theme that I discussed over at the dinner blog...I'll post pictures over there later this afternoon.

I finished up some paperwork for a jewelry party, got that submitted-by the way, I've now cleared my kit!! That means the next show I do, I'll get a commission check from it!! Whoo hoo! Then I took the boys to the library, and of course we had to run by Sonic and hit happy hour and get 1/2 price Cokes!! It wouldn't be a trip to town without a Sonic Coke!

Now we're all home and cozy, it's raining buckets and we are snuggeled in for the duration! I love rainy Saturdays!!


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Ginger said...

I knew it before and now I'm are goofy!!! LOL...sometimes I don't mind the rain but the last three days I have had the worst headache and I'm sure it is weather related!!!