Saturday, July 5, 2008

A bunch of weddings, a funeral and some fireworks!

We are knee deep in weddings around here, and sadly, had a funeral to attend this morning. Then there were the fireworks!!

While we were at my Mom's celebrating the 4th of July yesterday, we made note of the number of newly weds/nearly weds we have in our family. Of course you are familiar with Josh and Delaney, the most recent bride and groom, and I'm sure you remember that Sarah, hereafter referred to as "Miss Priss" and her sweetie are planning an October 18 wedding. Josh and Sarah's mom, Debora, my ex but still special sister in law, was married a couple of weeks ago, their dad, my brother Mark is planning a September wedding to his beloved and my cousin Jeff gave his sweetie an engagement ring recently. Oh, my stars!! So much bliss!! How fun is all of this! I'm loving it!

Sadly, Debora's grandfather passed away on the 3rd and the funeral was today. It was very sweet, and very emotional. I hope he's up in heaven, chatting away with his daughter Dorothy who passed away a few years ago, and hearing the angels sing. Mr. T. was deaf, so the conversation and singing will be even sweeter to him!

And the fireworks!! We went to the park and watched the rockets red glare over there. I do believe it was the best fireworks show we've ever had...but I probably say that every year. I'm such a patriotic sap!

Hope you had a happy, peaceful and fun filled 4th!!


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