Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Ramblings...It's Hot, Folks!

As Melinda the Weather Lady puts it, the heat is really building in today...95 degrees today and tomorrow, 96 after that-with 89% humidity. Needless to say, I'm a stay in the house kind of girl when it gets that hot. I'm relieved that Lynn is working inside today in an air conditioned building. I am so so so ready for fall...but aren't I always in the middle of July?

We've decided to move Jonah's birthday party to the house, rather than at the lake. I think it's just too hot to be sitting outside on a concrete picnic table or in a lawn chair, and have to hike up a hill to the restroom. Not this fat chick! Jonah is ok with it...we've decided to combine his birthday party with the monthly family breakfast. So, instead of two events, one tomorrow and one next Saturday, we'll be doing it all next Saturday, with breakfast, swimming in the pool, and birthday cake. Doesn't that sound better than trudging up the hill to the restroom?

I am going to do the Christmas in July theme for his birthday, though...he just doesn't know that yet!

I have a few little projects stewing...still working on the bedroom and laundry room projects, and actually making a little progress. Next up after I complete those and get the kids back to school will be a re-do of the back porch. I want to paint the porch itself and Mom and I are planning a fabulous re-do of my antique wrought iron furniture that I bought at a yard sale last year. It's going to be so much fun, but I want to wait until after school starts to get that done. I am going to start purchasing fabric for slipcovers though, and I'll be laying out the entire project soon.

Since today is Friday, we'll be having lunch with the beloved and then buying groceries this afternoon. Also, I HAVE to get Jacob some new tennis shoes...hoping to hit a sale for those boats! His foot is now officially bigger than his dad's!

If you haven't checked out my holiday blogs, hop on over and see what I'm working on for the upcoming holidays. We are planning a festive Boo!Bash2 Halloween party for October 25-costumes requested but not required! Of course, shortly after that is Halloween itself, and I'm working on menus, favors and decorations for both events. Check out my spooky plans over at Haunted Hamlet.

Big Thanksgiving doings are happening at Scarecrow Soup, my Gratitude blog. My Sunday School class have created some great gratitude journals, and I've shared my favorite pumpkin recipe. Check it out as well!

And, as you know, Christmas in July is in full swing both at Magical Holiday Home and at Pumpkins and Reindeer. Go to P&R and click on the links in the Rudolph Day blog ring...great ideas from those clever and creative ladies. And, when you hop over to MHH, check out those pictures on the front page!! Wow!! Who did those?? Thanks for the shout-out, Ginger!

Speaking of Ginger, my friend is grieving today...her beloved dog, Wally, passed away during the night. I've been through this myself a few times, and Melissa just went through it, so I know how heartbreaking it can be. Hang in there,'ll be better soon. We are thinking of you today...

What's going on in your world today?


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