Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Little Whining, A Big Thank You, and A Lot of Praise!!

First, let's get the whining out of the way! I'm siiickkk. Ok, I'm not really "sick-sick", but I have a terrible sinus infection (self diagnosed, but I've had enough of them to know what it is!). It's just enough to make me feel lousy, but not enough to send me to bed. Sigh. Just my luck!

Now, the thanks! A BIG shout-out to Cousin Becki for the 4 bags and 2 boxes of boy clothes she dropped off yesterday! Talk about great hand me downs! Thanks, thanks, thanks! All the button up shirts were a big hit with Benjie...he loves button up shirts! And the sleeveless stuff was a winner with Jonah. The roller skates...girl, we gotta talk!! But thanks for the clothes, anyway!

And now, the best news of all-a lot of Praise!!!

Our sweet friends Cory and Shara have been in an adoption process for a very long time. Yesterday, at 11:17 am, their sweet baby girl was born!! Praise the Lord! This family is one of the most deserving I can imagine to receive such a precious gift! God has worked so mightily in their lives, and they have such faith! I couldn't be happier for them, and have cried many tears of joy this morning looking at the pictures that Aunt Cristi sent me. Thanks for keeping me in the loop! Congratulations, and can't wait to see the new pink baby!!


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Becki said...

Hey Cathy,
Did you happen to find the "stuff" I left by your front door? You didn't answer my email so I just left it in the front. BTW, even your front porch is Christmasy! Red and Green, I love it!