Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Laundry Room Project, day 1!

Now, there's no guarantee when "day 2" will actually be, but day 1 was big! I managed to get it cleaned out and semi organized. I am so happy with the progress I made yesterday, which was by necessity! My washer was on the blink, and with 3 boys, that ain't good. So, in order for our handy dandy washer repair man to have room to pull out the machine AND lie on the floor to work on it, I had to clear out and clean. It was a big job, but oh, so satisfying!

I've mentioned this room before, saying I was going to do this and do that...and now here's what I'm REALLY going to do!!

1. Paint the walls white. Yes, really. White. Me. Ms. I Love Color and Hate White Walls. It's part of the whole scheme. You'll see!
2. Paint the shelves and cabinets black, then distress them. So chic.
3. Hang a coat rack for backpacks, jackets, hoodies, purses, whatever.
4. Everything on the shelves must be contained in either a clear plastic shoebox with a white lid, properly labeled with contents, or in a basket, which will be painted either black or white. See the scheme starting to come together?
5. A small red area rug on the floor. From Target (remember that one, Mom?)
6. A small lamp on the dryer. Preferably one with a rooster on it and a fabby shade.
7. Rooster artwork on the wall. Already have it, just have to move some wreaths from that wall to the storage shed to put them up.
8. Glass apothecary jars with black lids on shelves with other things for clothes pins, detergent, whatever looks good.

More will evolve, no doubt!

Pictures will be presented as progress is made!

Oh, by the way...still accessorizing the master suite...but soon, I promise, pictures of the "whole picture!"


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