Sunday, July 20, 2008


I just love Sundays. I like the fact that nothing gets done around here, but nothing is expected to be done-it's the Lord's Day, after all.

I'm almost always the first one up on Sundays. I get up, get my first cup of coffee (which is brewed when I get up because it's on a timer and I always make sure I don't get up until after I hear it switch on.) and my Bible and sit on the couch in the darkened living room, reading and studying my Sunday school lesson that I'll teach a little later that morning. I usually get caught up in reading some story in the Bible, and lose track of time. If you want some good reading, check out 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel-King David had a colorful life!

After a bit, Lynn gets up, and we usually sit without talking for a while. Neither of us are very chatty when we first get up...which works out well! After we've sat in silence for a few minutes, he usually turns on the tv...which is my cue to get up and put the roast, carrots, onions and potatoes that I'd prepared the night before into the crockpot to cook while we are at church.

We move into the getting ready stage, and then we eventually get to church...which is always a blessing. We come home, eat roast and veggies and then everyone does what I call "retreats to their own corners". Lynn takes the easy chair and the tv remote (are you seeing a pattern here?), Jacob goes to his room, the little boys either go to their room or outside, depending on the weather, and I gather up some reading material and go to our bedroom. Nine times out of ten, Lynn and I both doze off before long...that's some good napping! Then around 4 or so we all start stirring again...I make another pot of coffee and we sip it until time to go back to church...the boys reappear and usually hit the pantry or fridge for snacks, then after the evening service, it's home for a supper of sandwiches, soup and chips, then we attend to whatever details need to be attended to for the upcoming week. Trash cans are taken to the street for Monday morning pickup, clothes are laid out during the school year for easy dressing on a sleepy Monday morning and in the summer, plants are watered in the cool of the evening. It's a peaceful day...

The only way Sundays are any better is when it's raining buckets (but not enough for storm warnings, which make me nervous or for the satellite to go out, which clearly disturbs Lynn) and the Atlanta Braves are playing baseball on tv! That's about as good as it gets!


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Love to decorate said...

Hi Cathy,
Interesting, We have been doing 1st Samuel in the small group I am in that meets on Friday nights