Thursday, August 7, 2008


A break in the heat wave, and a break in the dry weather are both predicted for today and tonight. According to Melinda the Weather Lady, we should get some rain and cooler temps today, and then lower humidity and temps for all next week. I am so thankful...Thank You, Lord! A "cave day" as the guy on the radio calls it...that means staying in and watching movies and/or reading all afternoon..well, in theory, anyway! I'm sure I have more to do than that...but we'll see!

Lynn and I have had a good time with Jonah this week, him being an "only" and all, with the other two at camp. He had a rough time Monday, moped around all day, saying "I miss Jacob and Benjie" about every two minutes, but now I think he's getting the hang of it. He ended up sleeping in our bed last night-very rare "treat"-for Jonah, not for anyone sharing the bed with him. The boy has the sharpest elbows and boniest knees I've ever seen. By the time he'd drifted off to sleep, I had abandoned my side of the bed and taken to the couch in the living room. Poor Lynn! But Jonah was happy!!

As I type this, I'm watching the morning news and they have been discussing the mortgage's awful. I can't imagine what's going to many people are losing their homes in this unsettled economy...makes me sad for them, and thankful we are ok, at least right now. There's a lot to be said for little houses-and little mortgage payments!

The big boys will be home tomorrow-Jonah is happy! And I am too!




Becki said...

Love the Photo!

Cathy Miller said...

Jonah personified, isn't it?