Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Notes

Aren't the Olympics fun? I love watching them, and so do Jacob and Jonah...Benjie, not so much!

And that Phelps kid-isn't he something?! He's a swimming machine! He makes me proud to be an American all over again. And isn't his mother precious! You just know by looking at her that she is a hoot and a lot of fun to be around. I saw an interview with his sisters this morning, and when the interviewer asked them what they thought of their brother being called a "sex symbol", they were both laughing so hysterically that they couldn't even answer! I love that! That's what I'd do if someone asked me that question, too!

And, for my Aunt Peggy in Arizona's benefit, here's the other "news" of the day!''

Tonight is open house at both schools, and at the same time, and across town from each other. And us being "vehicle challenged" right now...I'm not really sure how that will play out. I also have Bunco tonight, but I may have to miss. I sure hope not, I don't like to miss, but what's a girl gonna do?

We are packed and ready for school. We bought supplies over the weekend, new shorts, shirts and shoes yesterday. We also sat down and sorted out supplies, named them and packed them into backpacks, ready to be transported to classes tonight at open house. We know Jonah's teacher, Mrs. Carper. She taught both Benjie and Jonah in kindergarten, before she regained her senses and moved to second grade. She and Jonah are old friends. We haven't met Mrs. Goff, Benjie's teacher yet, but I expect her to be as nice as all the other teachers we've had over the years. And since Jacob is moving to the high school, I don't know any of his teachers yet. I hope to meet them tonight.

Saturday is the August Family Breakfast with a back to school theme. I'll TRY to post pictures, but I usually get busy and forget to take any! I'll try this time, though!

More rain is predicted for the weekend (yay!!) so we'll try to enjoy the sunny, warm, low humidity day the Lord has given us today. It's supposed to be 90 degrees, but the humidity is very low, especially for August in Arkansas, so I'm not complaining! Todd the weather guy said we might not get to 80 this weekend with the rain. Works for this fat girl!

What's going on in your world on this Thursday?



Michael McNeil said...

Now why would you laugh hysterically if someone asked you that question about your brother?...Oh, I guess you were thinking about Mark...

Becki said...

You have a very serious problem on hand right now! I will be very curious to know how this worked out for you. Missing Bunco should NEVER be an option. Only in extreme emergencies should it even be considered! Can't Lynn go to all those Open Houses so you can tend to the most important event of the month? It's a sad day around here if I even have someone mention that they might want to put something on the schedule on MY Bunco night. The school should consider this when they schedule Open Houses, I think.

Cathy Miller said...

Uhhh, yeah, that's it-I was talking about Mark....sure...ok...