Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 2!

Yesterday I played, today I pay!

Yesterday as you recall, Mom and I shopped all day. We hit the craft stores and looked at all the Christmas decorations as well as the fall decor. Lovely, lovely day!

Today...another story! I have a mountain of laundry (Monday is my usual laundry day, but see above!) and a dirty house. So, I'll spend this lovely, lovely rainy day inside cleaning and folding laundry! And that's ok, too. I like rainy days, and with the kids gone, the house may actually stay clean, at least until 3:30 when they all get home!

I'm looking for some good crock pot recipes. Got any? Let me know if you do..I'm planning on doing some substitute teaching this year, so I need to have a few meal plans in place. Send me any goodies you have and I'll give you credit here!

I bought a pad of scrapbook paper yesterday that is so beautiful, I just can't wait to get started tearing out pages and cutting things out. It's Christmas paper, so it'll be seasonal projects..stay tuned for details and pictures! I know I'm going to do some altered drink carriers (for details on this, see Pumpkins and Reindeer) and possibly some pinwheels. I made a lot of those a few years ago, and they were big hits. I'll post directions if I decide to make them. I glittered them up and gave them as gifts that year, and i have to say, they were pretty cute ornaments. I even made some small ones and used them as place cards at Christmas Eve dinner!

I'm thinking that between loads of laundry I'm going to get creative with Christmas scrapbook paper! I'll let you know how it turns out!



Carrie said...

I agree with you... thrift store shopping is fun. Roosters are fun to collect-- my mom has a few in her kitchen.

Thanks for visiting my general holiday blog!

Becki said...

Cathy, I sub at our High School and I LOVE it. I think you will too. It's the perfect job for us Mom's. We can work when we can and say No when we can't. It doesn't pay a lot, but it's worth it to me to be home when I'm needed. I actually end up working nearly everyday. I even worked the first day of school! I don't have any wonderful recipies to share (although I'll think on it for you). But, you are on the right track. It helps me to be prepared for Supper before I leave the house that morning. I try to either know what I'm cooking and start thawing the meat, or put something in the crock pot.