Friday, August 8, 2008

Welcome home, boys!

The boys are coming home today! Yay! I really have missed them, so has Lynn, but Jonah has MISSED them! The house has stayed relatively tidy (leading me to the conclusion that Benjie and/or Jacob are the messy ones...), relatively quite (same conclusion) and very low key (again, one can only draw the same conclusion from the evidence presented...). We have really enjoyed Jonah, but man, am I glad someone else will be here to help entertain him next week! LOL!

Seriously, boys, we're glad you had fun (I know they did, despite the LACK OF PHONE CALLS ALL WEEK), glad you had the spiritual experience, but mostly we're glad you are coming home!

In other news...

Have you ever heard of the Holiday Grand Plan? It's a comprehensive cleaning/holiday preparation plan for people like me who have good intentions to be ready early but tend to fall short when left to their own devices. Although I've NEVER, in about 8 years of trying, completed the complete plan, believe me, every little bit you do accomplish makes a big difference in your home at the holidays.

As I've reported off and on, I've just about got the house in shape, but there's always a little left to be done. This plan breaks the house down and focuses on specific rooms each week. Because I don't have several of the rooms (like a guest room, or a dining room or an attic or a garage...)I have lots of wiggle room to tweak and re-organize as I please.

But, my favorite part of the plan is not the cleaning part (go figure...) but the holiday prep. You really should check it out, because I'm not kidding when I tell you that if you get everything done in September, October and November that you can, December is waaaayyyy more fun!

Check it out! I'll be starting it August 31. Want to join me?


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Becki said...

I think I may work toward the Holiday Grand Plan this year. My plan my be a bit revised from theirs due to trying to move into the house (hopefully) in the next few weeks. It looks like a great plan and I'd like to try it.

Glad the boys are home safe and sound! I'm sure Jonah is too :)