Friday, August 29, 2008

Finally Friday!

Today is finally Friday. It's been a kind of busy week, so I'm glad it's over.

No Labor Day gathering for us at the Hamlet...Lynn is going to paint at the church tomorrow and at his regular job on Monday. So, I guess it's just me and the munchkins, hanging out at home and trying not to kill each other.

I took all three of them to Wal-Mart today (I know, I know, I deserve what I get) and it was AWFUL. I am not kidding you when I tell you that it was like trying to contain two little baboons in a banana factory. We went there with the intention of ordering three (gasp) pair of glasses. We'd already had the eye exams, but for some crazy reason the insurance wouldn't pay for them, so we had to was a whole big thing. Anywho...while the sweet lady helping us was fitting Benjie for his glasses, Jonah was running around the store, trying on all the half priced sunglasses and asking in a very LOUD voice-"Why is this taking so LONG???" Then..."I smell a toot....who tooted??" Then..."Burrrppppp....hee, hee, hee...uh..excuse me". I wanted to throttle him. Then it was Jonah's turn to be fitted, and Benjie entertained the masses...with louder burps that Jonah, and announcing, again in a very LOUD voice, "Mom, I need to use the bathroom. I can't hold it any stomach hurts...MOM???? CAN I GO TO THE BATHROOM??"

Jacob took Benjie to the bathroom, and other than that was right by my side the entire time, like he was attached to me. He chatted about each of his brothers' glasses, he mentioned the party he was attending tonight about a dozen times and asked about 210 wildly assorted questions, really important stuff like "Are we going to have spaghetti for dinner any time soon?" and "Do you think Nanny will let me drive her truck when I learn how to drive" and "Did I tell you that the party starts at 7:00?" Then, it was his time to get his glasses fitted...and he was no where to be found. He was over by the little kids glasses, chatting up a very cute little girl. Turns out she's someone he knew from school, and clearly someone he'd like to know better. Boys are so funny at 15.

After leaving $400 of my money with the glasses lady, I had intended to buy some groceries for the weekend. After the dog and pony show, though, I just didn't have the heart, energy or desire to shop for groceries, with the baboon brothers in tow especially. I picked up Arby's on the way home...and it was Gooood!

Have a great Labor Day weekend if I don't talk to you again until next week!


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Becki said...

LOL! As you can probably guess, I too have lived the scene you painted for us. Too many times. I loathe going to Wal Mart with my boys. They beg, "Can we go to Wal Mart with you? We'll be good." They are liars!

We are not very big Labor Day celebrators either. They have teased us with a little taste of having the boys in school and then they send them home for a long weeked already. I personally am not ready for a "get out of school" holiday!