Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh, Happy Day!

Today was the day I've waited all summer for-the first day of school! Oh, happy, happy day!

I dropped the three scholars off at their respective schools, did a little happy jig, then headed to Mom's to pick her up. We had breakfast and hit all the best craft stores in Little Rock. It was a good day.

Plans are in full swing for the October 25th Boo!Bash2. You can check out all the details as they unfold on Haunted Hamlet. I hope that if you are in our area, you stop by and have a hotdog and a hay ride with us!

All the stores are just full of autumn decorating things, faux leaves, pumpkins, gourds, etc. I just love the sight of them. I hope it gets cool soon, although the weather has been just delightful lately. It was only about 85 degrees today, with low humidity. Lovely, lovely day to keep little kids cooped up in a classroom. Even better for Moms and Nannys to shop!

How was your day?


1 comment:

Aggy said...

I'm sooo jealous. I spent my day at work then had to rush to the dentist (cracked a tooth eating ice).