Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cave Day!

We had a cave day today, and it was soooo nice! If you don't know what a cave day is, you are missing out! "Cave day" is the name a local radio dj gives to those wonderful rainy days when you don't have to leave the house, and can stay home and watch movies all day long. I don't watch movies, but I sure do like to read all afternoon. Today it was 72 degrees and raining, all afternoon. In August. In Arkansas. Who'd have thunk it?

Over at the home place, Magical Holiday Home, there is a link in a post that gives a recipe for homemade candy corn. Seriously. Homemade candy know the little triangle shaped orange, yellow and white candy that comes out in the fall...the ones that I eat until I'm sick? I love the stuff. Truly. I buy bags of it and stash them so that I can have them far into the winter...but, come on, people! They cost pennies-about 150 of them, to be exact for a HUGE bag...why in the name of all that's candy would I want to make my own? Why in the world would I want to mess with food coloring, sugar, and rolling pins...cutting little triangles and putting them together...why would I do that? It's just silly...and so time consuming, and so messy....right?

I'll pick up the stuff tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

By the way, homemade ginger ale is good! When Michael found out I'd made homemade gingerale, he commented "if anyone would do it, you would" like it's a bad thing. Don't tell him about the candy corn, ok?



Michael McNeil said...

I know about the candy corn...

Becki said...

Okay, you ARE crazy girl! Report to us how the Candy Corn is. This I gotta hear. If you are really good, maybe you could make those little pumpkins that go along with the Candy Corn. I don't eat either one, but when I put them out for my October Bunco, they love them!