Sunday, August 24, 2008

Full Weekend

We've had a full weekend. It all started on Friday afternoon, when we left the boys with my mom and headed to Camp Ferncliff for a youth group leaders' retreat. We ate dinner with our youth pastor and his wife, Jonathan and Mandi, and another fun leader, Pam. Then we went to the conference room for some games, good conversation and hot tea! It was a cool (well, relatively speaking) evening, and we had a great view of the ducks on the pond outside the picture windows of the conference room. We stayed up late for us, and then headed to our room. It was a quaint little room with a twin bed and a double bed, a small attached bathroom and no tv!

Saturday morning other leaders joined us for breakfast and then we had a full morning of worshipping God, fellowship and planning for the 08-09 season of Chapter Two, our youth gatherings on Wednesday night. Our youth group is called 8/12 for the grades of students attending, and we have 11 leaders in all. We each take a grade and gender specific small group for discussions after Jonathan's presentations. It's a fun time of worship and fellowship, too!

After we ate lunch with the leaders, Lynn dropped me off at the Crowne Plaza in Little Rock for a Jewels by Park Lane fall line launch and fashion show. Yes, I modeled! I wore a gorgeous turquoise set. We had chocolate, coffee and new jewelry! What more could you ask for? We even had a bride in her beautiful gown modeling a stunning crystal and pearl ensemble. It was fun and girly, and lots of people showed up. It was a good ending to a good start on a weekend!

Saturday night we watched the Olympics again, cheering for all the Americans who were competing. Aren't they doing great?

Now it's Sunday afternoon, and we are all sort of doing our own things...retreating to our own corners, I call it. Lynn is napping, Jacob is doing homework and Benjie and Jonah are playing with their cousins Makayla and Conner. I am writing this post, then I plan to nap for a while before we go back to church.

That's the exciting details of our weekend! We rarely do anything, but it seems like when we do have things to do, it's all at the same time! Such is life!


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Jerusalem said...

Ferncliff is so great. My parents got married there, I caught my first fish there and my little sis was a camp counselor there. So great.